About Me

I've been taking photos since 6th grade using my father's old Argus C3.   In High School, he brought a Nikormat FTn back from Japan with three lenses. That camera and those lenses opened up a whole new world.  Later I added a Bronica medium format to shoot weddings on the side.

Until ten years ago, it was almost all art.  The science of photography was intuitive.  When I went commercial, I used my business experience to apply the science with intentionality.  The art of photography exists not for itself, but to serve the business goals of you, the client.

I take pride in following my number one rule for business photos - Everything for a Reason.  Angles, lighting, depth-of-field, and lenses are all factored in to meet a client's business goals.

What's not on that list is cost.  A corporate photo-shoot might take hours, requiring portable lighting and hours on the computer to refine the photos.  A small business shoot does not.  A $5M home needs high-level photos for its listing, but the $300K home does not.

Everything for a Reason.

My work.

Below is a selection of some of my work. I hope that you enjoy looking through them as much as I have enjoyed capturing them.

Virtual Tours

When the goal is to show a business or a place as if you were there, nothing does it better than a virtual tour. Let's be honest. The photographer can make an interior larger or smaller depending on what lens they use. For example, a wide angle lens can make a small interior look cavernous.

A virtual tour consists of 360-degree images that provide spatial orientation to recreate the experience of being there.  Connecting these views lets customers walk through your space.  Unlike a video, virtual tours are at the customer's control.  As always, they're in charge.

Google started virtual tours in 2012, and I was one of the early photographers to be certified.  Since then, my 4,563 images have received [popuppress id="289"].   These numbers are less about me, and more of a testament to the value of adding quality photos and virtual tours to your Google Business listing. They improve your Local Search, and engage potential customers. 

Google Street View Trusted 500

Take a look below for some examples. Click on the photo so see the Google Virtual Tour pop-up.

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Get in Touch

I am currently available for work and would love to hear from you about prospective projects. Feel free to contact me any time to discuss options.

Nature gallery.

I have always found time in the wild to be comforting and refreshing. Inspiration abounds at every corner in the great outdoors.